About Melyn

She is a bit of an introvert person and she found her own space in writing poetry and other short stories. She has the passion of  telling and sharing  stories…

She can freely express her true feelings and emotions only through writings, especially writing poems. She is quite romantic that she can express such words into a beautiful rhythm and rhyming verses. Some of her favorite poems that she has written and were published on this site are  A Tale of A StarUnder the Moonlight of a Super MoonMikoo and Best Pal (an ABC Poem).

She began to love writing stories when she was ten years old from a far away island in the Philippines, having no electricity, TV, and books to read. Her  imaginations took her to a fantasy world she created -a story of a girl named “Vanna and the Mystical Watch” and her adventure to a fantasy world. She also wrote a story of a young girl who surrendered her soul to a Shadow of Draconda – (a legendary creature from another world) her vengeance of the death of her father led her to a situation where love is powerful than hatred and revenge. She is still working on it, hopefully one day she will be able to publish her own novels.

From the island where she grew up, she stowed away and hid on a ship going to the city in pursuit of her dreams to go to college. Despite so many obstacles she encountered she managed to graduate in college  taking up  Bachelor in Journalism last 2005.

In 2006 she started her early career as a teacher in DISTAR Language and Reading.  Until today her dream to be a teacher is one of her priority. She will continue her quest in reaching her dreams.

She loves traveling, exploring mountains, forests and beaches. She is in love with the nature and she never get tired amazing herself to all the wonders of the world.   In every place she goes, she loves making new memories. She believes that Memories are  not forgotten unless it is shared. That’s why she is sharing her memories, it may be happy, sad and lonely.

She also talk to some indiviuals who had an amazing  life experience.  She loves to write their stories because she believes – this type of story they shared are worth reading.

Writing gives color to her world.  She can transform herself to  become bolder and wilder to traverse between reality and imaginations. 

These following are the things you will find in her online diary:

MY TRAVELOGUE: This  page includes a different story  about my journey in life.  This is a complete series of my exploration of islands and paradise in my country. As well as my other travel adventure outside the country.

SELF HELP: In this page, I will be sharing an  article about tips and knowledge on how to  save and spend money wisely.  

INSPIRATION: I will  tell stories about life and dreams. It will definitely touch every hearts – who wanted to chase their dreams and find their one true love.

PROSE & POETRY COLLECTIONS: I will deluge this page with beautiful poems about love, happiness, and Hope. 

CRAFT I will also share some of my fun times in making something – using my skillful hand like sewing, crocheting, and other handicraft.

ART: I love paintings and drawings. I have so many drawings I  use as the subject of my poems  and other inspirational stories.

I hope you will love this site. Enjoy reading. Please feel free to give your comments. Don’t forget to Follow me.

Thank you.



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