A Remarkable Family Trip

As a young boy, Earl really loves going to a field-trip or outing, he joined in a field-trip when he was still in a Kindergarten class. They visited many historical places in Manila: Intramuros, Luneta Park, National Museum, PICC – and the last but not the least every child loves the “Star City”.  He might not remember all the things he had seen and discovered but one thing I am sure of it is all wonderful and the boy had a lot of fun.

He also had so many things to share that he wouldn’t forget as he grows up and as for him, he will cherish it forever. This is all about his unforgettable trip -together with his  whole family; they  went to Aklan to visit  his parents’ home town.

If I have to describe the place, one thing is certain, it is beautiful.  I asked my mother how do we get there, but as for her, we first ride in a bus going to port. The bus was called “Roro” it goes  inside the huge boat but, my father said it is a Ship.  We were sailing for 12 hours  my parents tour me around the ship, while we are there we are watching the calm ocean and I feel the wind blows.  I was looking down to see Dolphins or Sharks that might jump out from the water, but I never seen any until I get tired and  fall asleep and we went back to our decks.” he shrugged with frustrations.

“The next day we arrived at my parents’ home town, I was startled to see how beautiful the surroundings, and I was so amazed to see so many chickens on the yards I ran to my grandfather and helped him feed all the chickens. During lunch time we had plenty of foods in the table: crabs which I love so much, huge shrimps which my Papa called “Sugpo” so delicious, and chicken native adobo. The next morning my Papa and I visited his family in the nearest barangay, he showed me my uncle Ging-Ging fish ponds.  It was so amazing there were so many milk fish and they were so big. I remember milk fish is our national fish and my father’s favorite fish to cook.  We ride on my Uncle Toto’s motorbike and we roam around the town. It is so much fun. We stayed there for a week and I met new friends in the neighborhood like Adrian and Paula we played with other children in the village.” He grasped a deep breath (he absolutely missed it.)

The day before they left for Manila, the whole family decided to have an outing and everybody went to the beach for swimming.

“I love swimming so much, when I’m in Bulacan my cousins and my other friends swam in the swimming pool, but this time I would be swimming in a big sea together with my family and my playmates. My parents brought so many food for snacks – which every one of us enjoyed.  I love standing on the seashore waiting for the water to catch my feet when the wave hit it. I also played sand grains, we tried to build a nice castle.” Earl said with full of excitement on his eyes.

 Even though it was already two years had been passed; Earl still remember how wonderful and remarkable his trip with his family was.

“I would always want to look back and hoping someday I will still visit the place to create new memories.” Earl added with a big smile.   **–**


























































































































































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