Exploring the Paradise

Exploring the Paradise: The Unforgettable Travel Experience

Travelling is a lot of fun when you are with your friends and family. You will explore so many places: like churches, parks, museum and of course going to the beach- playing on the sand, eating sea foods, craving for fruits shakes and taking lots of pictures.  Truly,  I had the most wonderful and unforgettable travel experience that I wanted to share to all of you. This was when I traveled to Cebu – the Queen  City of the South way back year 2008.

My selfie before going on board.

As far as I could remember I consider this travel as my first flying experience via plane. At first I seemed hesitant  and scared when the plane was about to take off. I was holding on the chair so tight- closing my eyes. That only lasted for awhile because I  started to enjoy the moment.  I was really amazed to see the clouds around and looking down at the nice mountains and blue oceans.

a photo of the clouds from my canon digital cam

I was travelling with my SFC mates (this a church organization called Singles for Christ) we were going to attend the  International Convention held at SM parking lot Cebu City.

First we landed at Mactan International Airport. But before we headed to our  hotel to check in. We took first our first group pictures.

Touched down at Mactan International Airport with my friends

We enjoyed taking pictures at the airport while waiting for  a shuttle to take us down town. We got a hotel not that far from SM City Cebu -that’s the only affordable and nice hotel in town. Down towns were busy particularly at night.  I noticed there were so many bars and   foreigners in the area mostly of these foreigners were retirees who  loved to spend their vacation while the others were residents of the place.

I had a funny experienced to share. My friend and I was standing at the lobby of the hotel while waiting for the other members-  that was the night of the convention -when there were three white men (maybe in their 60’s) approached us  and asked. “Hey gals are you free for tonight?”

My friend and I  just ran and went back inside. We were laughing because that was too strange. Well, maybe they thought we were one of those local girls in the town who  were not hesitant to go with them. Yeah, I was a little observant and I saw some young ladies with those older guys and I thought it was a bit awkward.

SM City Cebu ground park – after a workshop

We had many workshops held at day time and other group activities which its purpose was to shape our mind to other great opportunities. While in  the following night we had programs showcasing a world-class performance from other members of the group coming from different chapters all over the Country and even abroad.  We were also entertained by other local Kapamilya Celebrities from Metro Manila  like: Billy Joe Crawford, John Prats and Denise Laurel etc.

The next day we explored the Queen city of the south , we visited Sto. Niño Church, Magellan’s Cross, and Lapu-Lapu shrine.

The night as soon as we came back to the hotel, we planned of going and exploring to an island paradise in the south. Introducing Bantayan Island.

How to get there: First, we took a jeepney heading to a North bus terminal. We left the North terminal at 7:00 a.m. via an air conditioned  bus going to Hagnaya Port for approximately 3 hrs travel. I was too tired due to lack of sleep so i just spent sleeping on the bus for an hour. The other night after the convention we spent most of our times chatting and playing cards. That was a lot of fun.

on the bus heading to Hagnaya Port

We arrived at Hagnaya port around 11:00 a.m. we checked a place to eat for lunch while waiting for the ferry to come.

Lunch at Hagnaya Port  with friends

For more information how to get there please click here

Hagnaya Port is where we took a ferry (or other smaller boats available both public and private) for Santa Fe Beach Club on Bantayan Island. Those ferries have a regular schedules so better pay attention  to avoid not missing them.

Boarding on a Boat to Bantayan Island

I really amazed how beautiful the island was. The water was clear and blue. We traveled for about 75 minutes by ferry. When we reached  at Bantayan port there was a shuttle waiting to take us to Santa Fe Beach Club.

I fell in love the moment I witnessed the beauty of this place. This was a real paradise for me, hiding its own beauty and innocence. This place wasn’t crowded compared to other resorts I had been to, we barely spotted  bars and tourists  around the area.

This was a perfect place for my soul searching. A place where i could spend time alone and gained my spirit back after a long  heart aches.

I love to feel my  bare feet on the fine white sands squeezing my toes on it, feeling  the cold breeze   coming from the sea touching my soul,  while the wind was sweeping my long hair. That feeling was wonderful.

We explored more of the beauty of the island, we went to Ogtong Cave in Santa Fe and  this is  what we discovered.

An island exploration was really fascinating travel experience.  I would never forget this moment  and I am looking forward of going back. I hope to go back in this island with someone special. That someone I wanted to be with for the rest of my life.

This article also is made for remembering all my friends in Singles For Christ. They are not just a friend but also my spiritual advisers- they were there with me when I was just wandering and my life has no direction. Their love and affection strengthen my faith. I miss everyone of you. I know most of you right now are happy  having your own families.

But I want you to know that these moments are very important to me and I love to cherish them as long as I live.

Ogtong Cave at Santa Fe

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