A Tale of a Star

A Tale of a Star

Created by a junction of warmth love
A fragment of me is a breath from a dead star
Those stars that shine so bright above
I see them at night while they are light years a far
A glorious life I only live once
I’ll make it up to do right and not to be dunce
When my day on earth is over
My body will turn into dust as my soul sober
I’ll be born again and shine
As young as a star like our Sun***


My own thoughts:
I wrote this poem for my upcoming birthday. This is to praise and thank our Creator for giving my wonderful life. For giving me a beautiful planet in the whole galaxy to live on. For making me a vital part of a magical life cycle in the universe. To be born from a dying star and become a star when I die.
I may not know what’s out there. But one thing is certain.  I’m grateful to be alive for 33 years. Knowing I have family and friends. Feeling their love and compassion of those important people in my life. As I said I will only live once. So I choose to be happy and enjoy all the blessings that I have. If ever I’ve done some wrong decisions in the past, I believed “regrets” won’t help any more. All I need to do is make it up and learn from my mistakes. Thus,  I will never fear to walk again  in this life as I’ve conquered it already in a life from the past. A past parallel to my future – another dimension of  my world today.




Remembering my teenage days.

Melyn's e-diary, Poetry and Travelogue

Chapter 2: Leaving  You Behind

It’s now or never. I don’t want to stay in this island anymore. I don’t want to hear my parents fighting everyday. I’ve waited this moment so I could leave this place. I am going to the city. I’ll go to college and I’ll fulfill all my dreams.

I had few scholarships from other colleges in the province but I opted to go to Manila. I have so many thoughts in my head. Maybe because I wanted to forget so many unhappy memories in my childhood days. My parents didn’t want me to leave.  My mother told me that life in the city is more difficult to cope up. She didn’t want to be away from me and so did I. I love my Mom, she was like my best friend. But I’d made up my mind.  I wanted to prove to everybody that I…

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