My Ideal World

My Ideal World

I want to live in a world where Religions do not matter anymore.
No more party systems, corruptions and war.
A fair treatment to everyone regardless of our color,educational attainment and social status.
Justices and Human Rights are not violated.

I want to live in a world where money doesn’t exist
Gold and diamond are either less valuable or useless
Where we can easily get the things we need
A better Home, an Education of our choice,
A Work we love, and Hobbies we really enjoyed, and
Food that are cholesterol free and always healthy.

A world where you can ride trains and buses for free,
As long as we show our ID.
Where all fancy cars are for everyone but not a necessity
Greedy and Jealousy aren’t a threat for everybody.

Oh, what a great life it can be.
If ever we have a world just like this in my fantasy.
I wish God can see
Humans have never changed, our world today are even worse than a world from thousand years.***—***




You’ve finally moved on,
Now you’re with someone else.
It seems you are happier with her,
You don’t even care I’m here.
Why I still feel blue?
Why is it like that, my heart still aches for you.

I couldn’t tell you what I feel,
I couldn’t tell you I was just pretending.
Why this heart of mine  still loves you?
Why do I feel so hurt every time I thought of you?
Why do I care if you still love me?
I don’t understand why, but I still couldn’t forget those happy memories we used to have.

Your heart belongs to her now,
You hold her hand so tight, as if you’re afraid to let her go.
You love her so much and you look so happy together,
I wish I could  grab your hand and take it away from her.
I know this feeling is all wrong.
But, why is my heart still broken when I already knew you and I, are done for a very long time.***—***

“To love you is the greatest thing ever happened to me, but letting you go is the hardest.”

My First Out of Country Adventure

It was my  first out of country adventure. I really loved it and I had so much fun. I’m looking forward to going back.

I love travelling and going to new places, but I never thought that time would come that I would be traveling to visit Disneyland. I was so happy about this trip and I would  never forget every details of that trip. In fact, I was really busy with my job before, that I never had that time to travel abroad. But right after I resigned in my job, I had made this plan to take a vacation with a friend.

Well, I thought travelling was really easy and not stressful but I was wrong. As for me it was my first flight going out of the country- I never expected that there would be a problem for traveling for the first time. Anyways, I was taken to immigration office for interview. They had to ask me  what I do for a living, how much I make, and what was my previous job. This officer also, asked some pictures of me with my traveling buddy. A proof that we were really together. He said if I couldn’t show a single  picture of us then he won’t let me get through at the security. So maybe next time I will be more prepared for those documents they needed. Sometimes I’m thinking maybe this officer was just  messing up with me.

After two hours and half we finally landed at Hongkong International Airport. I was amazed to ride in their trains for the first time, they were completely different from what we have here. They are lot bigger and wider compared to MRT and LRT trains in Manila.


We went to bay 29 to 30 to look for the coach that would take us to Marriott hotel. The hotel we booked in was really closed to the airport. After we checked in, we headed to our room, for me that was the best room I’ve ever been so far, it was clean, huge and cozy.  They got a huge window where you can see the whole  Hongkong Sky City.

After dinner I started writing down the rides we are going to take in Disneyland  the next morning. I didn’t think I would try the Run Away Mine Car and Hyperspace Mountain. I heard from friends those rides were really scary.



Before going to bed, I decided to go for a swim- the water was really cold. Finally, I could try on my newly bought swimsuit which I supposed to wear at the beach for summer vacation, but that vacation with friends was cancelled.  I wish they had a three feet tall or a kiddie pool. Because I was freaking out to step on the water. I also tried their sauna.


When I woke up I had this yummy breakfast served. I love the brewed coffee and the mango juice. I couldn’t believe this single breakfast costs a thousand pesos.


I was at the lobby of Marriott Hotel, waiting for the coach to take us to Disneyland. I was there waiting at around 9:0a.m. Just noticed the weather wasn’t great that morning it was really raining hard outside.


While inside the bus, I was taking picture of the great scenery on our way to Disneyland. Everything still amazed me, the whole city was so clean. I never see any garbage scattered around the road.”OMG, I’m really outside Philippines!”.


Here I am, I’ve finally  just stepped at the Mouse house. So happy to be here. Good thing before I left the country I bought a poncho at Ace Hardware. I knew It’s going to rain in Hongkong. One of the Tourists approached  to me and asked if where I did I buy my poncho. I replied I brought this with me from home.



In tomorrow land, I tried the Hyperspace mountain. It was my first time to have that ride, I was scared to even ride a ferris wheel or even a small roller coaster in the Philippines. Maybe because I had a motion sickness and fear of heights. But I wanted to give a try I don’t like to disappoint my travel buddy. I shouldn’t  be here if I wont try all these rides.

So even though it was against my will, I still tried the Hyperspace mountain.  I was screaming out loud. It was totally dark, I could see only the whole space, the universe  and the other  planets. It was amazing. It was all fun. I could say I have finally conquered my fears.

We also tried the Run Away Mine Car. This ride is more creepy and has lots of turnings and drops. I felt like I’m going to die, my heart kept falling and falling. I was really scared, this time it was not dark,  I could see the whole mine, the train tracks, the cliffs.

All I wanted to do was to scream, laugh, scream and laugh again. It was an awesome feeling and amazing experience. I never thought this thing would ever come to me that I would have the courage to try all these rides even I was really scared.



My first carousel ride indeed. When I was a kid my parents never took me to a ride like this. We were really poor that we couldn’t afford even to pay a ride in a carnival  during fiestas.  So obviously it was my first time to ride here,  I picked the tiny horse and I really made sure I was strapped in. I was scared to fall. This thing really seemed funny to my travel buddy. 🙂

After the Mary Go Round adventure, I also tried the Flume Ride and Train ride. Of course I didn’t like to miss the musical play at the theater, that time their play was based on  Lion King.

The adventure isn’t complete without meeting Mickey Mouse and to have a picture with him. Wasn’t it so sweet and very accommodating?


Meeting Mickey  and Minnie Mouse together saying hello to their fans. I felt like I was back to being a child again.There were no words to describe how really happy I was seeing these two mascots. I still feel that I was in fantasy world where I could see all the characters  I saw in Disney movies and the ones I read in fairy-tales.




Indeed, I was here in a castle where all the dreams and fairy-tales started. Where every Princesses meet their Prince charming. Where dreams made come true and where all the stories have a happily ever after.


Now I was sitting here at the lobby of the hotel, ready to go to the airport. I couldn’t believe I’m going home. It was only last night when I had a great and funny adventure, it was only last night when I lost in the city and couldn’t find my way back to hotel. It was funny because when you try to ask for help or direction. They became so rude through their actions by saying “Go away, I cant speak English.” Maybe they hate  the idea about forcing their selves  to speak English just to entertain questions from tourist like me.

Well for me, I would go home with so many memories to share, so many funny stories to tell to my friends and family.



The fun was over. Few hours from now I would be in Manila. I would forever thankful of this trip and the adventure I had. I have learned so many things in this trip. That some dreams but not all will definitely come true. If you ask for it and you have the will to make it happen then it will come to you. Being afraid of trying new things is another word for giving up or quitting. We only live once, so let’s enjoy it and take every opportunity to come along because not everybody is fortunate like me or like you to experience this kind of fun adventure. A great adventure I would cherish forever.***—***



Melyn's e-diary, Poetry and Travelogue

Chapter 1: I’ll Follow Wherever You Go


I’m still in the dark and I can’t find a way out.  I don’t know what to do I feel so helpless.  I really wanted to scream so the world would  know how I feel.  I don’t know where to start … my life has turned into pieces. I fell and stumbled so many times; yet I’m still heeding on the same direction.  I really wanted to get away from this life full predicaments. I wanted to change my path, I wanted to create a path I wanted to be – a life worth living for – a life full of happiness.  In this world we are given so many chances to choose what is best for us.  I know what is best for me, what are the things that really make me happy.  I would never let anyone come between me and my destiny.  I’m sick…

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Sa pagtulog ko mga ngiti mo ang aking nakikita
Sa panaginip ikaw at ako ay masaya
Ngunit sa umaga pagdilat ko ako pala’y nag-iisa
Isang magandang panaginip ikaw ay laging kasama

Tulala ang isip, tulala ang puso
Hindi alam kung ano ang gagawin ko
Pagod na ang pusong masaktan
Pagod na ang isip na maghintay at lumaban

Sa aking pag-iisa akala mo ako’y masaya
Nagtatalo ang puso at isip sa tuwina
Dapat ko bang ipaglaban ang aking nararamdaman
O sundin ang sinasabi ng pusong tama na para walang masaktan

Tulala ang isip, tulala ang puso
Kung tuluyan kang lalayo
Sana isama mo itong pusong bigo
Ayoko nang maramdaman pa ang bawat yugto***—***

Sapat na ang Isang Kahapon

Sapat na ang Isang Kahapon

Masarap damhin ang bawat hibla ng ating alaala
Masaya, o malungkot ay tila naririto pa
Sa isip at puso nakabalot nang walang pangamba
Kahit lisanin ang mundong na sa atin ay malupit
Pag-ibig na minsa’y naramdaman sa langit ay walang kapalit

Sapat na ang isang kahapon
Na ikaw ay mahal at sa puso mo ako din ang tanging laman
Masaktan man ako ngayon sa pinili kong daan
Ngunit mas takot akong antayin ang isang umagang kailanman ay di darating

Sana ang pusong nagkamali ay magawang patawarin
Patawad sa mga pangakong minsay binitawan
Sa mga pag- asang kasamang binaon ng kahapon
Sa pangarap nating dalawa na tuluyang natapon

Sapat na ang isang kahapon
Na ako ay naging masaya sa piling mo
Lahat ng lungkot at pangamba sa puso ay unti-unting naglaho
Ngunit ang sakit na nararamdaman ko ngayon

Balang araw ay maging sugat dulot ng kahapon
Ayokong burahin ang magandang alaala
Kapalit nito ay poot at duda
Sapat na ang isang kahapon na tayo’y naging isa.

My Destiny: Chapter Two



“I longed for this moment to be in your arms. If loving you is a crime. I would face every punishment…”

It’s been three weeks and she hasn’t called or sent me a text message. I’m wondering what she is thinking right now. Is she mad at me?

It’s semestral break, so I planned to go to my home town in White Valley Island. I felt better leaving  this place. I seemed  like a bird freeing from its cage. I have so many things I wanted to do, so many things I really missed. I’m excited to taste the cassava cake that my mother makes for me. I missed driving my motorbike around the town. One more thing I really miss about being home is drinking and hanging out with friends.

I packed up some of  my things and I’m all ready to leave when my phone beeped.
I rushed to check the message.

 I left the city.
  I’m finally home.”

Home? I’m wondering what she meant by that. My heart beats faster than ever. I wanted to see her.

It’s been a while since I get home from Seminary.  But I never left the house since I had so many visitors who are kept coming to see me. My family held a welcome party for me. I’m tired and bored at the same time. I’m done playing video games and  reading books. All I wanted is to go out and get some fresh air.

The next day I told my parents that I’ll be busy and I’m going out so I don’t like to have any visitors. I went to the garage to see my black panther. She is still beautiful. It was a latest 2012 Yamaha YZF-R1. I started the engine and drove to the next valley.

I parked my motorbike under the big nara tree just in front of their ancestral house. Their house was built for over 200 years  and had been renovated over century. Their family has been known as very well off in the whole town. They owned  a huge plantation of different crops exported in the city and abroad.  Their house is situated near the valley and  if you go to the hill tops  you would have a great sight of the rivers and the Camaya forest. I still remember our first boat ride together on the river.

“Hello! How are you doing?”

It was astonishing to see the image coming out from the gate. She was standing so beautiful. Wearing a pair of black jeans with a matching white top fitted shirt. Her black curly hair was  half down.

She ran and threw her arms around my neck and gave me a warm hug. I hugged her back.

“I’m good. I’m so happy to see you.”

“You wanna go inside and check my Mom?”

“Yeah sure. Also I will ask her to take you out.”

Celine’s Mom, was very ill she was suffering from too much depression and anxiety since her husband’s car accident a year ago. It must be been really hard for her. I wasn’t there to comfort her. I wasn’t there all along.

“Hello Mrs. Garcia, do you still remember me?” I gave her a kiss on the forehead.

She smiles and gently pressed my hand.

“Of course, you’re Harry San Gabriel, Celine’s friend. I’m glad you’re here.How are you?”

“I’m doing great. Anyways, I’m here to  pick up Celine to join us in a family dinner. My Mom made her favorite cassava cake.”

“Sure, that’s a brilliant idea, Celine has been depressed recently. First, she lost her job, she was also  depressed about  me being so sick. Besides, she is not fully recovered about her dad’s death. But the most worst of all was her engagement has been off. Please make her happy again, Harry. She needs you now. I feel awful that every time she is around she needs to hide her feelings and emotions. She pretended to be strong not for herself but for me and that makes me more miserable seeing my daughter in so much distress.”

I was confused of what I’ve heard from Mrs. Garcia. I didn’t know about the engagement. I didn’t know what she went through all this time.

She mounted on the back of my motorbike. I grabbed her hands and gently wrapped them around my waist.

“Are you ready? Okay, hold on tight.”

“Where are we going?” She whispered sweetly.

“I could feel her breath against my ears. I can feel her so close. My heart started to pound faster again. The feeling was wonderful. But I tried to shake off those strange feelings.”

“I’m taking you home.”

“Oh, really? wow, is it alright? I don’t think this is okay with your parents.”

“Of course, all my friends are welcome to visit me in the house. Especially you.”

My parents already heard about Celine since high school days. But I never told them about my special feelings towards her.

There were times when I couldn’t take  my eyes off her while we were having dinner with my family. It seemed like I’m still dreaming.

We had lots of fun together. I played guitar while she was singing a song called “Happy Together”.

Then, I toured her around the house. I took her to the garden, there were mango trees where hammock was securely tied up. The view was so romantic while we were facing the riverside. From where we are, I spotted the two fishing boats of my father. We sat on the hammock together and we stayed there like forever. At first it was all quiet, we were gazing the stars in the sky while I was holding her hand.

 We talked about so many happy memories during high school days. I even asked her if she ever kept the picture I gave her after my graduation.

“Yeah, I still have it. You’re so skinny in that picture, and your hair was terribly curly.” she giggled.

“Well, let’s face it that I was really good-looking that time. I was one of the F4 in the campus.”

“F4? hahaha, of the Korean Drama Called Boys Over Flowers? You’re too good to be an F4.” She chuckled.

“And you’re too pretty and smart to notice me.” I uttered.

She pouted her lips, and her cheeks began to blush.

“Mr. F4, for your information, you’re the one who was a snob and not me!”

I enjoyed looking at her while she tried to argue with me about our issues in the past. I love to tease her more.

“I never ignored  you. I always say hi, every time you passed by the hall way. Even I was too shy when you were around.”  I concluded.

I saw her pretty  eyes  started glowing, but it was just for a moment and then she gave me that pierce look.

“You didn’t ask me to date you in a Prom! When I told you, you  said you were not going. But you lied to me, I saw you there!” she sobbed.

“Celine, I wanted to ask you however, I heard you already had a date. I was upset back then, so I decided not to go anymore. But, it was too late… when you asked me, I already decided to go with a friend.”

We were both stuck at that moment, she was staring at me with disbelief in her eyes with full of questions. I tried to look away as if I could find a right word. I turned my head back  and stared at  her eyes with full of regrets.

“Celine, I’m sorry.”

“Please stop. It doesn’t matter anymore!” she said in a rattling voice 


“We were still young back then.” She wiped her tears away with the back of her hand.

“It’s different now. You’re going to be a priest. But, I don’t why? Why did you join the seminary  all of a sudden after graduating Engineering?”

I sighed. There are so many people were asking me of the same questions. My answer was  always the same  “it’s my calling”.  But what if I have a bigger reason than that.

“Celine, please listen to me. About what I told you over the phone… umhhh..”

“It’s alright. I get it. Don’t worry ’bout it. Let’s both pretend you never said those words.”

She stood up and walked away. But she only made a few step because I stopped her. I grabbed her arm and pulled her body close to me. Our eyes and lips met. I held her tight, so afraid to let her go. I kissed her. It was quick but passionate. I felt her trembling lips to mine. I stopped. Coming back to my senses. She regained her strength and pushed me away. She looked into my eyes once again, her expression was intense.

“What are you doing? Are you out of your mind?”

“Celine, I’m sorry. But I love you.”

“Sorry??? You have no idea what I’ve been through! So please back off! If you were brave enough to tell me your feelings before. Then maybe we would have never gotten into this point.  Because knowing what you feel for me right now makes me even more miserable!!!”

**end of Chapter Two**




This is a work of fiction or a made up stories.  Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of my  imaginations.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Perfect Match

Finding our perfect match isn’t easy
Everyday we met people and we get a long
Some people marry someone who aren’t the ones
We dream a kind of love based on fantasy

We care a lot for our feelings and emotions easily
Happiness is more important
Security and veracity
Butterflies in the stomach are tricky

I’m maybe a perfect match to you
But you are not to me
You are maybe a perfect match to her
But she is less to you

Billions of hearts are spread apart
The whole world feel their beats
The love you have for her
Did you ever wonder if it’s really for her

Did you ever notice the girl just passed by
The guy sitting on the bench holding his phone
How about the girl screaming on the baseball game when you turned on your TV
What if he is just so close but you never see

What if he is there in a trip you book across the country
How would you know
If he is really the perfect one
I guess the answer is NO, nobody knows even you.

MY DESTINY: Chapter One

A story of a man, who loved a woman from the past,  when their paths cross again he had to make a bigger choice. Whether to take a rough path with her or follow the calling he thought was his real purpose in life. Is he brave enough to follow his heart desire and give up everything he already started – the dream that is known for his friends and families?

Is  that  wonderful kiss they shared enough to change everything?

“A kiss I longed, a kiss I’ll never forget. The most beautiful kiss I  ever had…”



I’ve never seen her for so long. I regretted the days I had no courage to tell her what I feel. I love her smile, her silly laugh, and her long shiny black hair. I wondered when will I be seeing them again. I was laying on my bed staring  at the four corners of this empty room. I’m alone and really sad, I left without talking to her. I’m wondering what she is up to now. Is she happy with someone else? I guess she is…

But, what about me? Is this really my fate to serve Him. Am I destined to give up this woman I used to love and still  love until now?  I feel the emptiness in my heart, but I have to get myself together and focus on my vocation that I have chosen already. This is my fate. This is my calling.

After my Theology class, I headed back to my room. I have only few minutes to check my messages. I need to go back  to the prayer room. I took my phone, and checked my friend contacts. I checked it again as if it is still there, if I really saved her number. Yes I did. I was eager to give her a call, to ask how she is. But, I’m so scared. I just can’t. I tried to act normal and control my feelings while I was talking to her earlier on fb chat. But, maybe  hearing her voice after so long will be different.

I’m really tense, or should I say more agitated.

“It’s now or never, I will tell her everything. She needs to know the truth.”

My hands are trembling as I reached those key pads to dial her number.

“Hello! Hello, who is this?”

“Hello! It’s me.” Afraid she won’t recognize my voice.

“Hello… Harry???  This call  surprised me. I never thought you’d call.  It’s been so long. How are you?”

“I’m good. It’s my break time, so I decided to check on you. I mean I tried to check if this number still active.”

“I thought, you lost my number. It’s been a year since since our first and last chats on facebook. You never called.”

“Hey, I never forget you. I still think of you everyday.”

“Huh! hahaha, that’s strange. We never meet  for 10 years I supposed and we barely talk. We only had a quick chat last year when you sent your condolences for my father’s death”

“Yeah, it’s my fault. I’m sorry. I thought that talking to you wont be necessary anymore. Yeah, ten years of not seeing you Celine, because you never  came back in the town. So I thought you don’t like seeing me anymore. uhmm.. I also heard from friends that you were married.”

“Married?!! No, I’m still single. Never been married”

I could sense the gloomy tone in her voice.

What happened to her engagement? It’s all over the news that she is getting married three years ago. I even thought now she is married already. But I don’t like to ask those questions. This is not the right time to talk about it.

“Really? As in single no boyfriend at all?”

The tone of my voice was demanding for an assurance.

“Yes, it’s been so long I never been in a relationship.My last relationship didn’t work out. My heart isn’t ready to be in a relationship right now. I am more preoccupied of lots of things…”

“Uh, I see… I heard about your Mom. How is she doing? Please tell her my regards. She is in my prayers.”

“Thank you, Father… err Harry.  Uhmmm…Are you really going to be a priest soon?”

haha … I chuckled.

“Hey, please don’t call me Father… just not yet, hehehe  wait until my ordination.” I sighed.

“Why? Are you having some second thoughts?”

“Do you think I have reasons to change my mind?” I replied teasingly.

She sighed and paused  for a little while and held a deep breath.

“hayzz Maybe… there are so many stories like that. They ended up marrying a woman they love. Did you ever love someone?”

“Huh! hmmmm…”

I was a bit shocked of those series of questions that follow. I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t prepared to answer all of them. Should I laughed and make fun of it? or should I change the topic. But I guess it’s too late because somehow words burst out my mouth freely.

“Yes I did. and I still love her.”



These phrases still linger in my ears. I was insane. I just told her I love her. She must be really shocked of what she heard. Maybe she will stop talking to me anymore.

“UHGGG!!! Can’t get her off my head.”

**end of Chapter One**




This is a work of fiction or a made up stories. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of my imaginations.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


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