MY DESTINY: Chapter One

A story of a man, who loved a woman from the past,  when their paths cross again he had to make a bigger choice. Whether to take a rough path with her or follow the calling he thought was his real purpose in life. Is he brave enough to follow his heart desire and give up everything he already started – the dream that is known for his friends and families?

Is  that  wonderful kiss they shared enough to change everything?

“A kiss I longed, a kiss I’ll never forget. The most beautiful kiss I  ever had…”



I’ve never seen her for so long. I regretted the days I had no courage to tell her what I feel. I love her smile, her silly laugh, and her long shiny black hair. I wondered when will I be seeing them again. I was laying on my bed staring  at the four corners of this empty room. I’m alone and really sad, I left without talking to her. I’m wondering what she is up to now. Is she happy with someone else? I guess she is…

But, what about me? Is this really my fate to serve Him. Am I destined to give up this woman I used to love and still  love until now?  I feel the emptiness in my heart, but I have to get myself together and focus on my vocation that I have chosen already. This is my fate. This is my calling.

After my Theology class, I headed back to my room. I have only few minutes to check my messages. I need to go back  to the prayer room. I took my phone, and checked my friend contacts. I checked it again as if it is still there, if I really saved her number. Yes I did. I was eager to give her a call, to ask how she is. But, I’m so scared. I just can’t. I tried to act normal and control my feelings while I was talking to her earlier on fb chat. But, maybe  hearing her voice after so long will be different.

I’m really tense, or should I say more agitated.

“It’s now or never, I will tell her everything. She needs to know the truth.”

My hands are trembling as I reached those key pads to dial her number.

“Hello! Hello, who is this?”

“Hello! It’s me.” Afraid she won’t recognize my voice.

“Hello… Harry???  This call  surprised me. I never thought you’d call.  It’s been so long. How are you?”

“I’m good. It’s my break time, so I decided to check on you. I mean I tried to check if this number still active.”

“I thought, you lost my number. It’s been a year since since our first and last chats on facebook. You never called.”

“Hey, I never forget you. I still think of you everyday.”

“Huh! hahaha, that’s strange. We never meet  for 10 years I supposed and we barely talk. We only had a quick chat last year when you sent your condolences for my father’s death”

“Yeah, it’s my fault. I’m sorry. I thought that talking to you wont be necessary anymore. Yeah, ten years of not seeing you Celine, because you never  came back in the town. So I thought you don’t like seeing me anymore. uhmm.. I also heard from friends that you were married.”

“Married?!! No, I’m still single. Never been married”

I could sense the gloomy tone in her voice.

What happened to her engagement? It’s all over the news that she is getting married three years ago. I even thought now she is married already. But I don’t like to ask those questions. This is not the right time to talk about it.

“Really? As in single no boyfriend at all?”

The tone of my voice was demanding for an assurance.

“Yes, it’s been so long I never been in a relationship.My last relationship didn’t work out. My heart isn’t ready to be in a relationship right now. I am more preoccupied of lots of things…”

“Uh, I see… I heard about your Mom. How is she doing? Please tell her my regards. She is in my prayers.”

“Thank you, Father… err Harry.  Uhmmm…Are you really going to be a priest soon?”

haha … I chuckled.

“Hey, please don’t call me Father… just not yet, hehehe  wait until my ordination.” I sighed.

“Why? Are you having some second thoughts?”

“Do you think I have reasons to change my mind?” I replied teasingly.

She sighed and paused  for a little while and held a deep breath.

“hayzz Maybe… there are so many stories like that. They ended up marrying a woman they love. Did you ever love someone?”

“Huh! hmmmm…”

I was a bit shocked of those series of questions that follow. I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t prepared to answer all of them. Should I laughed and make fun of it? or should I change the topic. But I guess it’s too late because somehow words burst out my mouth freely.

“Yes I did. and I still love her.”



These phrases still linger in my ears. I was insane. I just told her I love her. She must be really shocked of what she heard. Maybe she will stop talking to me anymore.

“UHGGG!!! Can’t get her off my head.”

**end of Chapter One**




This is a work of fiction or a made up stories. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of my imaginations.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.



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