My First Out of Country Adventure

It was my  first out of country adventure. I really loved it and I had so much fun. I’m looking forward to going back.

I love travelling and going to new places, but I never thought that time would come that I would be traveling to visit Disneyland. I was so happy about this trip and I would  never forget every details of that trip. In fact, I was really busy with my job before, that I never had that time to travel abroad. But right after I resigned in my job, I had made this plan to take a vacation with a friend.

Well, I thought travelling was really easy and not stressful but I was wrong. As for me it was my first flight going out of the country- I never expected that there would be a problem for traveling for the first time. Anyways, I was taken to immigration office for interview. They had to ask me  what I do for a living, how much I make, and what was my previous job. This officer also, asked some pictures of me with my traveling buddy. A proof that we were really together. He said if I couldn’t show a single  picture of us then he won’t let me get through at the security. So maybe next time I will be more prepared for those documents they needed. Sometimes I’m thinking maybe this officer was just  messing up with me.

After two hours and half we finally landed at Hongkong International Airport. I was amazed to ride in their trains for the first time, they were completely different from what we have here. They are lot bigger and wider compared to MRT and LRT trains in Manila.


We went to bay 29 to 30 to look for the coach that would take us to Marriott hotel. The hotel we booked in was really closed to the airport. After we checked in, we headed to our room, for me that was the best room I’ve ever been so far, it was clean, huge and cozy.  They got a huge window where you can see the whole  Hongkong Sky City.

After dinner I started writing down the rides we are going to take in Disneyland  the next morning. I didn’t think I would try the Run Away Mine Car and Hyperspace Mountain. I heard from friends those rides were really scary.



Before going to bed, I decided to go for a swim- the water was really cold. Finally, I could try on my newly bought swimsuit which I supposed to wear at the beach for summer vacation, but that vacation with friends was cancelled.  I wish they had a three feet tall or a kiddie pool. Because I was freaking out to step on the water. I also tried their sauna.


When I woke up I had this yummy breakfast served. I love the brewed coffee and the mango juice. I couldn’t believe this single breakfast costs a thousand pesos.


I was at the lobby of Marriott Hotel, waiting for the coach to take us to Disneyland. I was there waiting at around 9:0a.m. Just noticed the weather wasn’t great that morning it was really raining hard outside.


While inside the bus, I was taking picture of the great scenery on our way to Disneyland. Everything still amazed me, the whole city was so clean. I never see any garbage scattered around the road.”OMG, I’m really outside Philippines!”.


Here I am, I’ve finally  just stepped at the Mouse house. So happy to be here. Good thing before I left the country I bought a poncho at Ace Hardware. I knew It’s going to rain in Hongkong. One of the Tourists approached  to me and asked if where I did I buy my poncho. I replied I brought this with me from home.



In tomorrow land, I tried the Hyperspace mountain. It was my first time to have that ride, I was scared to even ride a ferris wheel or even a small roller coaster in the Philippines. Maybe because I had a motion sickness and fear of heights. But I wanted to give a try I don’t like to disappoint my travel buddy. I shouldn’t  be here if I wont try all these rides.

So even though it was against my will, I still tried the Hyperspace mountain.  I was screaming out loud. It was totally dark, I could see only the whole space, the universe  and the other  planets. It was amazing. It was all fun. I could say I have finally conquered my fears.

We also tried the Run Away Mine Car. This ride is more creepy and has lots of turnings and drops. I felt like I’m going to die, my heart kept falling and falling. I was really scared, this time it was not dark,  I could see the whole mine, the train tracks, the cliffs.

All I wanted to do was to scream, laugh, scream and laugh again. It was an awesome feeling and amazing experience. I never thought this thing would ever come to me that I would have the courage to try all these rides even I was really scared.



My first carousel ride indeed. When I was a kid my parents never took me to a ride like this. We were really poor that we couldn’t afford even to pay a ride in a carnival  during fiestas.  So obviously it was my first time to ride here,  I picked the tiny horse and I really made sure I was strapped in. I was scared to fall. This thing really seemed funny to my travel buddy. 🙂

After the Mary Go Round adventure, I also tried the Flume Ride and Train ride. Of course I didn’t like to miss the musical play at the theater, that time their play was based on  Lion King.

The adventure isn’t complete without meeting Mickey Mouse and to have a picture with him. Wasn’t it so sweet and very accommodating?


Meeting Mickey  and Minnie Mouse together saying hello to their fans. I felt like I was back to being a child again.There were no words to describe how really happy I was seeing these two mascots. I still feel that I was in fantasy world where I could see all the characters  I saw in Disney movies and the ones I read in fairy-tales.




Indeed, I was here in a castle where all the dreams and fairy-tales started. Where every Princesses meet their Prince charming. Where dreams made come true and where all the stories have a happily ever after.


Now I was sitting here at the lobby of the hotel, ready to go to the airport. I couldn’t believe I’m going home. It was only last night when I had a great and funny adventure, it was only last night when I lost in the city and couldn’t find my way back to hotel. It was funny because when you try to ask for help or direction. They became so rude through their actions by saying “Go away, I cant speak English.” Maybe they hate  the idea about forcing their selves  to speak English just to entertain questions from tourist like me.

Well for me, I would go home with so many memories to share, so many funny stories to tell to my friends and family.



The fun was over. Few hours from now I would be in Manila. I would forever thankful of this trip and the adventure I had. I have learned so many things in this trip. That some dreams but not all will definitely come true. If you ask for it and you have the will to make it happen then it will come to you. Being afraid of trying new things is another word for giving up or quitting. We only live once, so let’s enjoy it and take every opportunity to come along because not everybody is fortunate like me or like you to experience this kind of fun adventure. A great adventure I would cherish forever.***—***



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