There was a place I used to go.
Where all my dreams came to grow.
A happy place I once knew.
Where all the memories I tried to draw.
Someday,this place won’t be the same.
Year after years so many things have gone so lame.



Creating distance in a landscape. This drawing reminds me of the farm in my hometown. I spent my childhood years in that town. I had so many happy memories with my mother. I helped her plant rice in the rice field. I chased away those birds that tried to eat the crop. When harvest time was over. We used the empty field as a playground. I remember we played Power Ranger, among my playmates I always picked to be Tommy (the white ranger) most of our enemy were the cows and Carabaos (water buffalo in Philippines).

I’m really happy that I’m able to draw now. There are so many memories that I wanted to paint.


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