When it Rains

It’s rainy season here Phils. and almost every day it is raining, and so I’m really eager to write a poem about what I am feeling when it rains. 🙂

Prose and Poetry

I’m happy when it rains
it pours happiness inside my veins
every sad memory I could remember
are now swept away into the river
My heart is bouncing as I hop
My freezing hands reach every drop
spinning, twirling, aren’t insane
while smiling and laughing
are always the same
what a wonderful feeling
when it rains
a perfect moment to toss for champagnes

rain.image Photo credit to the owner (dancing in the rain)

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Stand by me

Stand by me

I thought we’ll wait for a little bit longer
Until the time will come
No matter what happens
You’re still there for me
stand by me
Even if the clouds are still gloomy
Even if the stars in the sky cease to shine
and our destiny
seems to go astray
You’re still there for me
will stand by me

Every time I was scared
I would call your name
Your sweet words had comforted me
I’ve been drowned in the abyss for a long while
You were always there to help me up
assure me
“that Everything is just fine
Just hang in there
Our time will come
I’ll take you out there
and free you from the beast”

The time is near
I wanted to get free
I called your name
But you weren’t there
The day we promise will never come
Beauty and Prince have never a second chance
You already left
without a word
You’ve just given up on me
when I thought you’re just there
to stand by me ****—****




You were born to live
to see the sunrise
and dream big behind those gloomy clouds
You were born to laugh
to watch over the rainbow
and put a smile on every sorrow
You were born to heal
Not just an injured wound
but also a broken hope of the unwell
Above all you were born to be happy
and cherish every single thing in the world
You were meant to survive every battle in whatever circumstances
Your life was precious
You were here in this community to make a difference

But, why did they take your life?
Is it out of greed, hatred or vengeance
We tried to ponder, but we can’t see
What the reason might be
But only a monster could only do such a thing
To take a precious life is unforgivable
The people on Earth mourned
Even God in Heaven is pissed
When you’re gone
tears flood the nation
more dreams are shattered and fell down

A Hero
That’s what they call you
A Nobleman
You were admired for your achievements and great service
You were born with a golden heart
People you’ve touched could see it through
Nevertheless, your assailant still left a bullet inside you
that perished your young life
Justice is what we seek
Someone has to pay
For taking the life of a “Health Hero” like Dr. Drey


It’s all over the news the death of my relative and friend. Everyone who knows him personally are in great sorrow. It is hard to accept that he was killed after serving poor community in (Barrios) rural areas in the Southern part of the country.

I’m sorry if I can’t visit your wake in the province. But you are always in my thoughts and prayers. May your soul rest in peace.

I met you when we were kids, Maybe I was 9 or 10 years old back then. It was summer vacation you often visited Eboy and Guia at their grandparents’ house to play. My mom used to work there, when the three of you played, you always checked on me and asked if I wanted to join. You were so nice and friendly. Every time you visited there you went straight in to the kitchen because you knew I was there sitting. You always handed me some candies every time you went there. I was just shy and I barely speak. You were taller than the average kids of your age that I mistakenly thought you were a lot older than me. After that summer vacation I had never seen you for so long, I heard you went to a different high school, and also went to college  to somewhere farther city from our town. Thanks to FB we became friends again, and I saw how you transformed into a fine young man and you became a Doctor by profession. 

Even if we are not really close friends. I am still really proud of all your achievements and sacrifices. I’m just very sad to lose a very nice person like you. I feel sorry for your family- this tragedy must be really hard for them to cope.

We pray that justice will prevail.

Even if you are not here anymore, you are always remembered by those people who truly love you. “Paalam, Sana maging mapayapa ang iyong kaluluwa saan ka man ngayon.”    Thank you for knowing you…



My heart was empty
it never been happy
Then you came
you were just a dream
But now you’re here
magically appear
I couldn’t believe you’re finally mine
my love for you will always shine
I want you, I need you, I love you
it’s all because of you
You’re the song I’d love to sing
you’re the one who mend my broken wing
You light up my life
all the darkest times turn to bright
Hold my hand forever
let’s take this journey together
I’ll be there by your side
until the day I’ll become your bride
You’re an answered prayer
like in fairy-tale our story has a happily ever after


Poet’s Note:
I always write a sad poem, because I have a broken emotions and lonely past. But,this time I’d love to write a happy poem, the one that is full of hope and love. Having a strong faith to make one’s dream come true. Waiting for the right person to come to my life, praying for him to love me back after so many years of waiting.




Broken memory
Worn out discretely
formed from misery,
tortures and traumas burst rapidly
Damaged soul
vanished as a whole
Fragments gets loony
shattered in agony.
Is there any piece missing?
We are still searching
looking for a trail
to comprehend
Every mystery has its end
We found the lost page
a magic key
to see ourselves completely free***—***




I never try this pencil
to sketch any kind of portrays
decades had become totally idle
Tracing those curves and edges of pathways
But, I’m still afraid of what it might look like
In my dreams, I saw this beautiful and multicolored peacock
It gives me a stronger wing,
and greater hope to wander every colorful morning***—***



I really love to draw, but I was really scared to try. After twenty years I finally let my pencil sketch a beautiful and colorful portray. I’m so happy  that I finally did it.

My Ideal World

My Ideal World

I want to live in a world where Religions do not matter anymore.
No more party systems, corruptions and war.
A fair treatment to everyone regardless of our color,educational attainment and social status.
Justices and Human Rights are not violated.

I want to live in a world where money doesn’t exist
Gold and diamond are either less valuable or useless
Where we can easily get the things we need
A better Home, an Education of our choice,
A Work we love, and Hobbies we really enjoyed, and
Food that are cholesterol free and always healthy.

A world where you can ride trains and buses for free,
As long as we show our ID.
Where all fancy cars are for everyone but not a necessity
Greedy and Jealousy aren’t a threat for everybody.

Oh, what a great life it can be.
If ever we have a world just like this in my fantasy.
I wish God can see
Humans have never changed, our world today are even worse than a world from thousand years.***—***



You’ve finally moved on,
Now you’re with someone else.
It seems you are happier with her,
You don’t even care I’m here.
Why I still feel blue?
Why is it like that, my heart still aches for you.

I couldn’t tell you what I feel,
I couldn’t tell you I was just pretending.
Why this heart of mine  still loves you?
Why do I feel so hurt every time I thought of you?
Why do I care if you still love me?
I don’t understand why, but I still couldn’t forget those happy memories we used to have.

Your heart belongs to her now,
You hold her hand so tight, as if you’re afraid to let her go.
You love her so much and you look so happy together,
I wish I could  grab your hand and take it away from her.
I know this feeling is all wrong.
But, why is my heart still broken when I already knew you and I, are done for a very long time.***—***

“To love you is the greatest thing ever happened to me, but letting you go is the hardest.”

Perfect Match

Finding our perfect match isn’t easy
Everyday we met people and we get a long
Some people marry someone who aren’t the ones
We dream a kind of love based on fantasy

We care a lot for our feelings and emotions easily
Happiness is more important
Security and veracity
Butterflies in the stomach are tricky

I’m maybe a perfect match to you
But you are not to me
You are maybe a perfect match to her
But she is less to you

Billions of hearts are spread apart
The whole world feel their beats
The love you have for her
Did you ever wonder if it’s really for her

Did you ever notice the girl just passed by
The guy sitting on the bench holding his phone
How about the girl screaming on the baseball game when you turned on your TV
What if he is just so close but you never see

What if he is there in a trip you book across the country
How would you know
If he is really the perfect one
I guess the answer is NO, nobody knows even you.

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