We played together on the ground
He loved to cuddle and chased me around
He was really smart and he knew how to understand
I love him and he was my best friend

Mikoo was my first pup
His color was black and white
I watched over him until he grew up
He was really nice and scared to bite

He walked with us when we go to church
He sat and knelt in front of the altar
He prayed just like a man as the priest preached
His behavior was peculiar

As time passed by Mikoo was getting weak and  old
No matter how hard I tried to keep him alive
His body could no longer hold
He closed his eyes as I tried him to revive

I was really sad when he was finally gone
I realized that love in our hearts could stay forever,
But we could not keep our love ones, they lasted  only until dawn
We are born, we die and perhaps we live again or they might say never at all,but the memories will spring always like summer***—***


To let You Go is the Hardest

To let You Go is the Hardest

I remember the days
Where you and I laughing together
Talking about mushy things
Sharing dreams, predicaments and happiness
A never ending stories about life and friendship

Even we parted our ways
But we promised to be with each other no matter what
You chose to travel away for a search of a brighter tomorrow
You asked me to do the same
But I’m happy to just stay here

We might be different in so many things
You dream big and you follow your star
You are not scared to conquer the world
I am definitely the total opposite of you
I am just here waiting for my star to shine

I didn’t know what happened recently
But I feel you’ve changed
You stop caring
We aren’t close anymore
Are you still one of my best friends?

I am afraid it isn’t so
You knew how much I missed you
How much I wanted to keep you
My heart dies when you vanished
To let you go is the hardest





Best Pal (an ABC Poem)

Best Pal (an ABC Poem)

Around the world
Best Pals aren’t easy to find
Chemistry helps the relationship bind
Destiny how they meet is really one of a kind.

Everything they feel is so special
Friendship becomes more vital
Gaps sometimes arise
Honesty always surprise.

Insecurity needs to be set aside
Just be jolly
Keep your heart lovely
Listening and understanding
Often times lead to Misunderstanding.

Nobody is really perfect
Open up and try to reflect
Praise and please one another
Quiet Soul is a lot better.
Renew your friendship once in a while
Show sympathy
And Trust
Unbroken Secrets and promises
Value them to the heart.

Whether you are not always together
Extra effort is always a reminder
Year after years of great bond
Zipped and kept for life and beyond.

Not My Boyfriend – Just My Boy friend


The magic started out from a love story
That you and I watched on TV
Sleeping Beauty and Prince Chubby
Funny memories of them were crazy

It began with a tease
The chats we’ve  always missed
Your   young heart told me “I love you”
My twisted head said I love you too…

Not My Boyfriend just my boy friend
Tell me the difference
Oh my young heart doesn’t comprehend
When friends found out they thought it didn’t really make sense
when asked, “Are you two together?”
My answered was Never.
Your   young heart told me “I love you!”
My twisted head said I love you too…

Not My Boyfriend just my boy friend
Our chance of being together
Are weaker
I love you, you love me
But why it couldn’t  be?
When I asked you sometimes, “did  we ever get together?”
Your answered was No and  never
My heart now says “I love you”
Your changed mind said, I don’t know!

Not My Boyfriend just my boy friend
You are more than a best friend
I long for you for many years
life was so complicated that throw our plans from yesteryears
I still hold on to a promise
of forever love sealed with a kiss
The touch of your hands
That only in dreams I had once…

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